How to Prepare for Mobility Scooter Issues

14 November 2019
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Have you ever heard of a potentiometer? Most people haven't, but if you have just taken delivery of a new mobility scooter, then it is surely something that you will become familiar with. What exactly is this and how important is it when it comes to scooter operation? The Potentiometer The potentiometer fitted to your scooter is otherwise known as a speed pot, while some people refer to it as a rabbit dial. Read More 

2 situations in which jewellers should outsource the repair of their customers’ jewellery

12 November 2019
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Whilst a lot of jewellers provide in-house jewellery repair services, there are many situations in which it is better for jewellers to outsource the repair of their customers' broken jewellery pieces. Here are some specific situations where outsourcing would be better. 1. The jeweller has a minimal amount of experience with repairing jewellery  If a jeweller has only taken one or two jewellery repair workshops and has not actually fixed a lot of damaged jewellery over the course of their career, then it would probably be wiser for them to outsource this part of their business. Read More