How to Prepare for Mobility Scooter Issues

14 November 2019
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Have you ever heard of a potentiometer? Most people haven't, but if you have just taken delivery of a new mobility scooter, then it is surely something that you will become familiar with. What exactly is this and how important is it when it comes to scooter operation?

The Potentiometer

The potentiometer fitted to your scooter is otherwise known as a speed pot, while some people refer to it as a rabbit dial. As curious as it sounds, it is a simple device that adjusts the speed on your scooter and keeps it within a reasonable level.

When the operator jumps onto their scooter, they will activate the potentiometer by using a straightforward lever. This will allow them to go forward or backward as needed and to maintain momentum once they get going.

Throttle Pot Problems

The throttle pot is, however, exposed to the elements in normal operation so a certain amount of corrosion may build up as time goes by. If this is the case then the rust may affect its operation and you may notice that the scooter seems to hesitate when it is in operation.

Ignition Switch Issues

However, you should first check to see if the issue is related to the throttle pot or if it is a result of a faulty ignition switch. This part is also exposed to the elements and can deteriorate as time goes by, and if it has deteriorated, you may not be able to start the vehicle at all. Sometimes, the ignition key will break off in the lock or the cables that connect the switch to the motor may go bad.

Motor Operation

Talking about motors, the device fitted to your scooter is a lot simpler than anything fitted to a conventional scooter or motorbike. It is meant to be either on or off and to generate a set amount of energy, so that your scooter is either in motion or not. Consequently, there is a lot less to go wrong in this type of setup, but the motor can nevertheless suffer from flat spots. If this were to happen, the scooter would appear to be very hesitant and exhibit signs that were similar to a faulty potentiometer.

Vehicle Check

When you get your scooter, make sure that it is in fully serviceable condition before you attempt to use it. Every now and again, you should take it into a mobility scooter repair specialist so that they can check all of those aforementioned parts and keep you on the road.

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