Two tips for retailers who want to market their businesses with 3D letter signs

23 June 2023
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Here are two tips for retailers who want to market their businesses with 3D letter signs.

They should be careful when choosing the font for their signs

It's vital for retailers to choose the right font for their 3D letter signs. Unlike a flat 2-dimensional sign, a 3D letter sign, which sticks out from the surface it's attached to, is likely noticed by almost everyone who passes by it, simply because of its protruding design.  Additionally, because this type of sign consists solely of lettering, with no images that might give additional details about the retail business it is marketing, the letters will be the sole source of information regarding that retailer.

As such, if a retailer chooses a font that is too fussy and hard to read, these signs will only confuse the numerous people who see them, instead of sparking their interest in the retail business they're being used to market. In this situation, it's best for retailers to stick with non-cursive fonts, whose letters are uniformly proportioned and don't feature too many embellishments that might make them difficult for people to interpret. Additionally, if their sign consists of multiple words, they should ensure there is plenty of space between each word, so those who look at the sign don't mistakenly read two or three adjacent words as a single word and get confused by this.

They should consider the lighting conditions in the places they'll be putting their 3D letter signs

Retailers who want to use 3D letter signs should consider the lighting conditions of the places they'll be putting up these signs. The right lighting conditions could help to make these signs more noticeable, which in turn, could enhance their ability to market a retailer's business. For example, if there is no form of artificial light in the spot where a retailer plans to put their sign, they might want to consider either fitting overhead lights directly above the sign or alternatively, having their signmaker make their 3D sign backlit. Overhead lights will cast shadows on the 3D sign, which will make these protruding letters stand out even more. Similarly, backlighting on this type of sign will also enhance its three-dimensional design, as it will give each letter a glowing outline that will accentuate its depth.

Additionally, integrating any type of artificial lighting into the sign or its immediate surroundings will also ensure that people will still see it after dark. This will then mean that the retailer won't miss out on opportunities to market their business with this sign during periods when there's little to no natural light to illuminate it.

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