Pro Tips to Help Make You a Good House Painter

2 March 2021
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Repainting your house can be an exciting project because it presents you with the opportunity to refresh the look of the home. However, the task can also be a confusing one, especially if you have no experience in house painting jobs.

With a can-do attitude and the proper know-how and tools, you can paint your house just like a pro. Here are some pro tips to help make your painting job a breeze while ensuring you achieve professional results. 

Ensure Correct Surface Preparation

Proper preparation of the surfaces to be painted is crucial for ensuring both the primer and paint adhere well when they're applied to the surfaces. This is essential for a lasting paint job. The paint surface preparation stage involves removing old paint from the surfaces to be painted. This can be achieved by either scraping or stripping.

If the prospect of working by hand doesn't appeal to you, using chemical paint strippers can help speed up the paint removal process.

Once all of the paint has been removed, the surfaces should be cleaned to get rid of any loose dust or debris that may remain behind. The newly prepped surfaces should be left to dry thoroughly before fresh paint can be applied.

Use a Quality Primer

Before any paint is applied to your house, it's essential the surfaces be primed. Priming provides a base coating that ensures the paint adheres well to the surfaces. It also increases paint durability while acting as the first line of protection for the underlying material.

Keep in mind that not all paint primers are created equal, so it's important to pick one that's compatible with the material you're painting and the paint you'll use.

Pick the Correct Paint

There are many different types of paint products on the market these days, and it's imperative to pick the right ones for your project. The correct paint for your project depends on several factors, including:

  • The type of material you're painting.
  • Whether you're painting your house interior or exterior.
  • The colour of your paint.
  • How easy it is to mix and apply the paint. 

When choosing house paint for a DIY job, it's important to buy paint products you can easily work with.

While the prospect of painting your house can be a daunting one, having the proper knowledge, tools and supplies for the job will increase the chances of getting great results. If you need help, don't hesitate to contact a house painter near you.