The 4 Highly Fundamental Characteristics to Consider When Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

29 July 2022
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There are specific things in this world that have ultimately become icons. In marriage and engagement realms, a diamond ring is, by far, the most celebrated icon. However, if you're planning to buy your diamond engagement ring online, how do you ensure you find the ideal one? 

There are various fundamental characteristics to consider to help you find a high-quality but affordable diamond engagement ring, including these four.

The Cut of the Diamond

When buying diamond engagement rings online, the diamond cut is the first thing you want to consider. Cut typically defines the diamond's sparkle and brilliance. Engagement rings with the ideal diamond cut will have the best shimmer. 

Besides, high-quality cuts offer the best fire for your engagement ring. However, if the diamond cut isn't correct, the piece will still look ordinary, regardless of its colour or clarity. The four common types of cuts include very good, good, fair and poor. 

The Color of the Diamond

The second critical characteristic of an ideal diamond engagement ring is colour. The highest quality is often colourless and very expensive. Since colour is subjective, you have the freedom to choose your diamond's colour according to your preferences. 

However, it's imperative to remember that your diamond colour choice might impact the ring's overall aesthetics. Deep-coloured diamonds are rare and costly. There is an increasing trend in coloured diamonds, but the problem is their high cost compared to colourless variants. 

The Carat Weight of the Diamond

The standard measurement unit for a diamond's weight is the carat. Generally, a carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams. Even the slightest difference in carat weight can considerably impact the cost of diamond engagement rings. Even a tiny variance of 0.1ct might seem trivial but can affect the ring's price by significant margins. 

Therefore, when shopping for diamond engagement rings online, consider finding the perfect balance between cut grade and carat weight. For example, going for a large-sized diamond with an inferior cut grade wouldn't be a great idea since it wouldn't dazzle your eyes. Instead, choose a higher cut grade with minimal carat weight to achieve an astonishingly dazzling diamond. 

The Clarity of the Diamond

Finally, the last characteristic to consider when buying a diamond engagement ring is the gemstone's clarity. Diamonds are natural gemstones and might contain potential internal or external flaws. Clarity defines whether your diamond possesses flaws or not. 

Pure diamonds are inherently flawless internally or externally. Impure diamonds might feature inclusions on their external surfaces. Pure gemstones are rare, and this makes them truly expensive. However, those with slight inclusions are commonplace and readily available. If you can't spot any inclusions on your diamond with your naked eyes, its brilliance and fire will remain intact.