Important Questions to Ask When Booking a Taxi Service

21 April 2016
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If you're on a curb hailing a cab, you may not be concerned with its cost or too many other details; you just need a quick ride to the other side of town. However, when you're traveling to another city and are booking a taxi service, you want to know all the important details involved so nothing is overlooked and you know what to expect. Note a few important questions to ask when booking a taxi service during your travels, as this may be slightly different than just hailing a cab from the street.

1. Always ask about their size and weight restrictions on luggage 

A taxi may have weight restrictions on luggage pieces, something to remember if you're attending a trade show and are bringing heavy sample cases, and the like. Even if something fits inside a taxi's trunk, if it obviously weighs down the vehicle, they may not permit it. Note too that not all taxis will have a roof rack or trunk rack so that you can pile on all your family's suitcases and other such luggage, and they may only allow a certain number of pieces in the backseat with you. Never assume you can bring anything and everything with you in a cab, but always ask about their restrictions for luggage if you're bringing more than a standard suitcase or two.

2. Ask what happens if your flight is delayed

Many taxi services will track flights in real time with a mobile phone app, and they will know to wait for you if a flight is delayed. However, don't count on this being the case; ask if they track flights and even if they do, ask how the charges are figured for late flights. They may adjust their charges from when you arrive or may still charge you for when the flight should have landed. Whatever the case, be sure you ask so you know what to expect if you're flying in to your destination.

3. Note if the price is per vehicle or per person

Whether a taxi service charges you by the person or with just one vehicle charge will be up to them, but ask about this ahead of time if you're traveling with a group. It may be more affordable to be picked up in a minivan or SUV if those vehicles don't charge by the person, whereas a taxi service offering a standard sedan may charge more for someone sitting up front or for having three persons in the back, simply because of this added inconvenience and weight.

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