Hone Your Psychic Energy for Fun With These Five Exercises

28 May 2015
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If you suspect that you have some innate psychic powers and you want to tap into them just for fun, there are ways to improve your psychic abilities. Although some people have more enhanced intuitive gifts than others, nearly everyone has at least a bit of psychic ability, and tapping into your own psychic powers may be easier than you think.

Here are five exercises to help amatuer, home psychics find and utilise their psychic abilities:

1. Acknowledging your psychic energy

To fully utilise your psychic energy, you first need to acknowledge its existence. Believing that you have psychic abilities is the first step toward fully manifesting those abilities.

Do you ever "just know" things about someone you've just met? Do you ever anticipate running into someone while you are out and then find them at the grocery store or wherever you are? Do you ever know that someone is going to call you before the phone rings, or can you tell who is going to like your social media status before they hit the thumbs up button?

If so, any and all of those pre-cognitions are an indication of your psychic abilities.

2. Releasing negativity

One of the biggest deterrents to psychic energy is negativity. Most people with high doses of psychic energy tend to be very sensitive. This sensitivity helps them pick up on the vibes and frequencies of others, but it can also make these budding psychics feel hurt and pain more easily.

In many cases, psychics who struggle with anxiety (or those who have subconsciously aligned themselves with negative or harmful thoughts) may think they hear other people hating them or disliking them. If you constantly feel negative energy from others, these perceptions are almost always not psychic readings. Rather, they are you projecting your own insecurities and feeling them bounce back to you.

Work on identifying and eliminating these negative thoughts. When you hear them, talk with yourself rationally about the issue until you train yourself not to have these negative thoughts. Additionally, work on clearing your mind through meditation.

3. Meditating to create a blank slate

Daily meditation is as simple as sitting on a chair or lying in a bed and clearing your mind for ten to twenty minutes. Mediation has been tied to a number of cognitive and physical health benefits, but it also creates the blank slate you need to hone your psychic abilities.

By clearing your mind, you get rid of petty issues and concerns, and you quiet the chatter that may drown out your psychic thoughts. Additionally, you train yourself to clear your mind, and that is the first step to any real psychic reading.

4. Scanning others

Before you sit down and start doing a psychic reading for a friend or loved one, get in a bit of practice through scanning. Find another person whom you don't know well. Ideally, this person could be a friend of a friend or someone else who is also interested in honing his or her psychic abilities for fun and entertainment.

Stand across from each other, leaving about a metre between you. Now, scan the other person. Look slowly up and down their body using your two eyes as well as your metaphorical third eye. Mentally note anything you sense or feel. When you are done, write down your observations, and then, share them with each other.

Note anything you notice, sense or feel. Those observations could include colours, other people, pain in certain parts of the body, wishes for the future, or almost anything else. Prepare yourself to have some wrong and some right observations, and don't give up if most of the observations are wrong.  

Being a psychic takes practice. You wouldn't expect to be able to fly an airplane or master the surfboard on your first try, so give yourself the permission to "fail" at your first few attempts at being a psychic as well.

5. Reading objects

In addition to scanning people, take some time to read objects as well. Objects hold psychic energy and imprints, and they are often easier to find than human subjects. Have a friend bring you an old object and make sure they know a bit about its history.

Hold the object, and tell your friend what pops into your mind. Don't filter your thoughts. This process involves learning how to differentiate between true and not true observations, and you need to let all of the ideas flow. The more you practise, the easier using your psychic energies will become. Eventually, you will find useful applications for your abilities, and these applications can range from deciding if you should or shouldn't talk to a stranger at a party, knowing when a friend needs a caring phone call from you or a range of other things.

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