6 Things to Do with Your Diesel Driven Pressure Water Cleaner After You Finish Cleaning Your Home's Exterior

30 April 2015
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You've hired a diesel-power pressure washer to clean the outside of your home, but now that annual task is complete, you are wondering how you can make the most of your rental. Luckily, there are several other things you can do with your pressure washer before you return it. From cleaning to a bit of fun, here are a few ideas to consider for the remaining time with your hired diesel driven pressure water cleaner.

1. Clean the pavement

The cracks in your driveway and the pavement in front of your house can get filled with dirt, dust, old bits of grass trimmings and other unwanted debris. It's easy to move that junk along with a pressure washer. Pressure washers can also help remove grease spills, old paint or hardened on dirt from your pavement.

Before returning the pressure washer, clean your pavement and driveway, or if you own a business, take it there and improve your curb appeal with a bit of easy cleaning.

2. Wash your car

If you like, you can give your car an extra hard scrub with a pressure washer. You can buy special soap designed for vehicle exteriors. Then, you simply pour that soap into the container on the pressure washer so it can be mixed with water and sprayed onto your car. Obviously, you can clean any vehicle you own including your trucks, motorcycles and lawn mowers.

3. Remove old cobwebs from outbuildings

Instead of cleaning your lawn equipment, consider cleaning the shed that holds it. Diesel-driven pressure water cleaners are ideal for cleaning buildings or sheds. Even if these buildings are located in remote corners of your property, you can clean them with a diesel-driven pressure water cleaner as it requires no electricity, making it possible to take it anywhere and get work done.

If you want to remove peeling paint, get rid of old cobwebs or just give your outbuildings an extra clean, do it now while you have the pressure washer hired to clean your home.

4. Clean the grout between your tiles

If there is built up dirt and grime on the tiles in your home, you can also tackle that with a pressure washer. However, as the machine runs on diesel power, you cannot bring it into your home. It produces exhaust, and exhaust contains carbon dioxide which is extremely toxic and can kill you.

However, you simply need to leave the machine outside and snake a hose through your window. To make that possible, many diesel-driven pressure water cleaners have extremely long hoses.

5. Lend it to a neighbour

If you want to spread good cheer throughout the neighbourhood and none of the above ideas appeal to you, you can lend your pressure washer to your neighbours. This idea indirectly benefits you in that if your neighbours wash their homes' exteriors or their sidewalks, it makes the entire neighbourhood feel like a nicer, happier, cleaner place to live.

If you haven't actually hired your diesel-driven pressure water cleaner yet and you are just looking for ways to use it after you finish cleaning the outside of your home, present this idea to your neighbours before you rent your machine. If a neighbour is interested, you may be able to share the rental and split the cost.

6. Have a bit of fun

If you are done with work for the day, consider just having a bit of extra fun with your pressure washer. If you are wearing a helmet and have some skateboarding savvy, grab the pressure washer hose and jump on your board. Use the force of the water to propel you around your driveway. It's pretty fun as long as you are careful.